Progressive/Nerd/Parent Review: Agents of SHIELD, “Failed Experiments”

Progressive/nerd/parent Review (spoilers!)

From the looks of this dude, Gargamel is in for a world of hurt.
From the looks of this dude, Gargamel is in for a world of hurt.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 3, Episode 19 “Failed Experiments”

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 1/3 – I don’t recall any of the women on the show talking to each other during this episode.

Shukla Score: 3/3 – (Blue dudes don’t count as people of color, just FYI.) Mack and May, again, score three points a little more than ten minutes into the episode (and a few times later on). Mack and Daisy have some moments together towards the end as well.

Russo Score: 0/3 – Sigh. Another zero. Like last week. Please do better.

Kittehs: 😺😺😺😺/5 – This should have been a three, or even two, kitteh episode. But they started with Kree aliens and that kept me glued to the screen until I saw more Kree aliens at the end. So basically the show cheated, but it worked. Four kittehs. MORE ALIENS PLEASE & THANK YOU.

Low points: When the Hydra peeps went Ark-of-the-Covenant on screen, that was gross. Also, Lincoln injecting himself with the serum. Not because he did it at all, but just because it was this week’s “Lincoln is out of control because he loves Daisy” bullshit, and now they’ve added “self-destructive behavior” to the list with “violent rage” of toxic masculine behaviors the show is associating with true love. Boo!

Highlights: Dr. Radcliffe has quickly become the comedic treasure of the show. Fitz and Simmons are really providing a lot of smiles as they keep developing their much overdue romance. May’s seduction/knocking-the-fuck-out of James was all kinds of entertaining. Also, ALIENS! And then aliens fighting people with powers! Hell yes to all that. Daisy and Mack at the end… …I almost put it in low points, because it was heartbreaking. Really though, the two of them delivered the only real drama of the episode and it was compelling. It made Daisy’s swayed-by-Hive storyline worthwhile for the first time and was just very well done.

Dad edits: Meh, not so much. This isn’t a show I watch with my kid and, for the third week in a row, there was a lot of good story movement but not much in the way of stuff to discuss with an older kid. I mean, there is the obvious “don’t sign up for a medical experiment in an abandoned town,” but that really should be part of the basic stranger-danger conversation, not its own separate discussion.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 9/8c 

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