Progressive/Nerd/Parent Review: Legends of Tomorrow, “Progeny”

Progressive/nerd/parent review (spoilers)

Behold the sartorial dystopia of 2147, where neck ties have been eliminated and popped collars reign supreme.
Behold the sartorial dystopia of 2147, where neck ties have been eliminated and popped collars reign supreme.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 10 “Progeny

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 1.5/3 – There were two scenes with more than one named female character, but they weren’t really of the women “together” and they were always talking about or to men.

Shukla Score: 1.5/3 – There were two scenes with Kendra and Jax together this week, but only as part of a larger group and with no direct interaction.

Russo Score: 3/3 – Sara Lance was a significant part of the show again this week and there was even a reference to her sexuality.

Kittehs: đŸ˜șđŸ˜ș/5 – Meh. The show is definitely suffering from first season doldrums, largely because it seems to be trying to pull of a big concept in little time with an ensemble cast and mediocre writing. Only ten episodes in, there are too many paradoxes to count thanks to the show’s quarter-assed effort at temporal logic. I am going to stick with it for the whole first season, but they at least need to save Rip’s family if not utterly defeat Vandal Savage or I am not likely to come back for season 2. The writers vastly overestimate my appetite for the endlessly mopey Rip Hunter, who is like a sad Doctor Who wannabe with a sonic revolver instead of a screw driver.

Low points: First, have I mentioned that the Ray/Kendra shipping is awful? Because it is. Second, Mick’s sudden redemption both came out of nowhere and didn’t really happen at all. Third, last week I was excited about how disjointed the experiences of the characters should be after three of them had an extra two years to themselves while a fourth had “lifetimes” at the Vanishing Point, but this week it seems that – other than Ray and Kendra’s relationship – the show doesn’t plan to do much with that. Fourth, how hard would it have been to use the jump ship to take Tween Hitler to the future, show him the moment that Vandal Savage kills him, then say “see that?” It would not have been hard. It shouldn’t be this easy for me to outsmart retired time master Rip Hunter. Finally, if we had laws about this sort of thing, it would be criminal to make so little use of Jewel Staite as a guest star.

Highlights: Nothing quite made it to a highlight this week. The battle sequence outside the ship was fun, but too choppy. The subplot about Palmer Technologies became this silly thing about Ray’s brother right when it might have gotten good. The kidnapping scene could have been a cool heist, but was too easy. The exploration of 2147 started off great, but never got a chance to fulfill itself. Snart and Rory’s make-up brawl was over in a few seconds. This could have been a great two or three episode arc, but all of the greatness was lost in the process of cramming multiple big story elements into a single hour. I want to like the show more! I really do. I just think they need to give the stories more room.

Dad edits: I can’t remember another episode of one of these shows where it was the plot, rather than the action, that was problematic. I don’t think I want to explain to my kid paedocide, kidnapping as a preferred alternative, or patricide (eek). I’m not sure much would be left of the episode with those things removed, so we will probably skip it.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8/7c

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