Progressive/Nerd/Parent Review: The Flash, “Trajectory”

Progressive/nerd/parent review (spoilers)

Perhaps this is a good time to reconsider your extrajudicial incarceration policy towards felonious meta-humans.
Perhaps this is a good time to reconsider your extrajudicial incarceration policy towards felonious meta-humans.

The Flash Season 2, Episode 16 “Trajectory

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 3/3 – Caitlin and Eliza have a conversation in Eliza’s lab that scores a three, but only because Detective West is hanging back.

Shukla Score: 3/3 – Iris and her boss, Scott, have multiple interactions that score three points – even if one of them is incredibly awkward.

Russo Score: 0/3 – No Captain Singh, no Hartley, and no new LGBTQ faces. Zero representation this week. Boo!

Kittehs: 😺😺😺/5 – It was a solid episode of The Flash. Barry got to level up his powers in order to defeat a new bad guy and advance the big picture storyline at the same time. And as a bonus, Dr. Snow got more to do than usual.

Low points: Iris’ new boss was humanized by the end of the episode, but he started out really odd. I never buy into the J. Jonah Jameson style characters, the folks that are senselessly angry at or suspicious of superheroes, and that is exactly how Scott Evans was for most of this story. Also the “just say no” aspect of the Velocity 9 stories is tired, even if they angled it more like an athletic doping allegory than a recreational addiction.

Highlights: Barry and Iris talking about their future/alternate selves was brief, but really well done. I’m actually getting hopeful that we might get to see the two of them get together soon. Later, when Barry gets trapped in one of the meta-human cells, the first thing he says after getting out is “well good job on the cell Cisco.” It thought it was really funny – and I am hopeful that this is the beginning of the characters deciding that maybe STAR Labs should not be a meta-human Guantanamo Bay anymore.

Dad edits: No real edits to speak of and mostly the kid just loved watching Barry try to jump the canyon. There was a lot to explain in the dialog and/or Velocity 9 scenes, but that all went fine. I also had to explain that when you break a helmet out of a glass case, it is rude not to clean the glass shards off of it before you hand it to someone.

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The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW

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