Progressive/Nerd/Parent Review: Supergirl, “Manhunter”

Progressive/nerd/parent review (spoilers)

Whoa-oa here he comes.
Whoa-oa here he comes.

Supergirl Season 1, Episode 17 “Manhunter

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 3/3 – As is often the case, many scenes in the episode passed the test. I particularly enjoyed the flashback scene where we see the first meeting of Kara Danvers and Cat Grant.

Shukla Score: 1/3 – Hank and James were both involved in the episode, Hank with much more importance than James, but they were never together.

Russo Score: 0/3 – Not one damn iota of LGBTQ representation in this episode.

Kittehs: 😺😺😺/5 – The irony of this episode is that its worst flaw was too much universe building while its greatest strength was character development. We learn a lot via flashbacks about the how the main characters became themselves while their current circumstances change dramatically over the course of the episode.

Low points: Total WTF: Lucy Lane has broken up with Jimmy and suddenly rejoined the military and instantly gotten into the middle of event with Jonn J’onzz, then she decides to betray her new military duties, then she gets a promotion and gains control of the DEO. I’ll mention the upside of these developments in the highlights, but mostly Lucy’s story arc was just completely bonkers in this episode. The other problems with this episode were all related to universe building – Project CADMUS comes out of nowhere but apparently has been around for long enough that even Jimmy Olsen knows about it, and Siobhan suddenly turns out to be some kind of metahuman. My last complaint would be that the guy interrogating J’onzz was over the top, both in performance and in concept; I can’t imagine it would be that hard to give the benefit of the doubt to an alien that served the country for years while saving agents’ lives on a regular basis.

Highlights: We learned Kara has a pair of red pants. The flashback scenes for Jonn/Hank, Kara, and Alex were all interesting and revealing. If the universe building felt crammed in, it may have been because the episode was packed full of meaty flashbacks. The real highlight, of course, was the preview for next week’s episode (see below); hard to beat that!

Dad edits: We skipped past the flashback fight between daddy Danvers and the real Hank Henshaw, since the stabbing and/or throwing over a cliff are a bit much. Otherwise, except than some bad acting from the military guy, this episode did not offend. (FYI It helps to tell your kid that a different hairdo = flashback.)

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Supergirl airs on CBS on Mondays at 8/7c


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