Review: Legends of Tomorrow, “Marooned”

Progressive/nerd/parent review (spoilers)

For 130,000ish years old, Leoben is looking pretty good.
For 130,000ish years old, Leoben is looking pretty good.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 7 “Marooned

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 1/3 – More and more I am noticing how isolated women are from each other on these shows. I don’t think Kendra and Sara were in the same place more than once (in the corridor for Mick’s return) and even then they did not speak to each other.

Shukla Score: 1/3 – Kendra and Jax don’t seem to spend any time together, either. The score could easily still have been 3/3 if any of the pirates or the other time-ship captain had been people of color. But, no.

Russo Score: 3/3 – Same score for same reason as last week. They are going to have to re-up on Sara’s identity soon if this score is going to hold.

Kittehs: 😺😺😺/5 – It was fine. Excellent easter eggs for nerds and the building hope that we might get to ditch Mick Rory (aka Heat Wave) were enough to keep me engaged the whole episode. There were definitely some weak spots, but overall it was a fun episode that finally answered the question “hey can that time/space ship go into space?” (Yes!)

Low points: Hologram of dead kid. Sad! Time pirates, really? You can invent time machines but not a better/less-hokey term for time pirates? I’m totally unconvinced by the Ray/Kendra romance. I’m open minded for the future, but in this episode it was a low point. Everything with Mick Rory is lame, including his fight with Sara Lance. I have watched her take down way bigger dudes on Arrow and Legends before so there is just no way I am buying that she needs to be rescued from Rory by Snart.

Highlights: (Spoiler alert!) The moment where Kendra schools Ray about Star Trek: The Next Generation and the comparative attractiveness of Captains Kirk and Picard is unexpected and delightful (although it does make you even more sad that Kendra and Cisco can’t be together – I would go full shipper for that). Rip Hunter having the computer programmed to obey references to other DC properties was fun. As for action, the final battle for control of both ships was spliced together really well. Oh! And I really enjoyed how they made Dr. Stein the Baby Boomer nerd of the bunch, since they had Palmer/Saunders representing for Millennial nerds already.

Dad edits: When Leobenbeard the Pirate beats up Mick Rory for a minute it is a bit brutal and easily skippable. Also hostage taking is a bit high stress and dicey, but I think skipping the blaster-pointed-at-head moments will take care of that. Otherwise, it’s just the usual hand-to-hand fighting with a couple cold/space/fire blasters thrown in, but not used much. (I am still not sure which side of the line between The Flash and Arrow this show falls on, so I am not actually watching it with my kid each week.)

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8/7c

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