Review: The Flash, “Escape from Earth-2”

Progressive/nerd/parent review

I am *so* ready for the Earth-2 Iris/Bartholomew spinoff series!
I am *so* ready for the Earth-2 Iris & Bartholomew spinoff series!

The Flash Season 2, Episode 14 “Escape From Earth-2” (spoilers)

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 2/3 – Only one scene with two named women talking to each other (alone), but they were talking about a man.

Shukla Score: 3/3 – Iris West and Scott Evans (Earth-1) had a scene that passed the test early in the episode.

Russo Score: 0/3 – There is no LGBTQ representation in this episode. 😡👎

Kittehs: 😺😺😺😺/5 – I suppose it was hoping for too much to want this episode to be as much of a romp as part one of the Earth-2 adventure, but it was still a better-than-average episode. I almost gave it three kittehs, just because of some of the lazy storytelling on Earth-2, but the redemption of Killer Frost and hilarity of Bartholomew Allen kept the four kitteh rating intact.

Low points: The Geomancer subplot was really stupid. I cant even imagine wtf was the point of him, other than giving Jay/Caitlin/Velocity something to do. Also the communication among Zoom’s prisoners was really dumb. Why use a code? Just trace letter shapes with your hands and nod up and down when someone guesses which letter. The unknown man in the iron mask could have traced a paragraph in the time it took them to decode “J-A-Y” using some arcane tapping method. And Where exactly does Killer Frost live in those woods?

Highlights: Wells-2 and Cisco continue to be great fun on screen together. Caitlin took out a metahuman! Yay for giving Dr. Snow some more stuff to do, in general. I suspect this Velocity drug stuff is going to get more and more important and that whatever the relationship between Jay Garrick and Zoom is will also somehow be entangled with Jay & Caitlin’s romance and that drug, but I am speculating and digressing.

Dad edits: We watched the whole episode without edits and I don’t recall regretting any part of that. The sudden Zoom grab at the end, while I saw it coming a mile away, was pretty surprising for the kid. But it is more sudden-scary than violent-scary, so I think it’s fine.

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW

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