Review: Deadpool (no spoilers)

Progressive/nerd/parent Review 

The film, like the suit, is well made. Tight, even.


(no spoilers not already included in trailers)

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 0/3 – The movie had a couple of named women as characters, but I don’t recall them ever speaking to each other. In fact, every woman in the movie is an extension of some man in the movie, so as a penalty I took away the 1 point the movie would have gotten here.

Shukla Score: -1/3 – There are multiple named non-white characters, but they are even less substantial in the story than women. To the people of color even appear in the film, they are just sort of ornamenting a super-powered white people adventure. So I docked two points, which makes the score negative one.

Russo Score: -3/3 – There is no LGBTQ representation in this film. The only jokes in the film that aren’t funny are the gay sex jokes made by straight characters, which hey guys FYI we aren’t going to do that for 10-50 years because we are in a cultural time-out. Didn’t you get the memo? (Seriously.) There aren’t a lot of gay sex jokes, but there are enough for the movie to score a -3 by not just failing, but anti-passing each part of the Russo test (no representation except jokes, the jokes are only supposed to be funny because “haha it’s gay and we’re straight,” and the jokes are utterly unimportant).

Kittehs: 😻😹😹😹😹/5 – I always hate myself a little bit when I give a top kitteh rating to a movie that fails – or even anti-passes – the representation tests. Behold I am part of the problem. In some sense, I have been waiting for this movie for 25 years, and I am a straight white dude who talks/cusses/jokes a lot, and I am a nerd, and I like pop ballads more than I want to admit. What I am trying to say is that this movie was really in my head and in the best possible way for me personally. I was laughing to tears a half dozen times in the first 30 minutes. It would have taken all five kittehs to pull me away, and really I would have just cuddled them and kept laughing. 👍💯

Low points: Well the racist-heteropatriarchy stuff, described above, is definitely a problem with the movie. Of course I am not fond of the gun violence, but I have to say that it was so comical (and not overly gory) that I did not mind it as much as I expected to.  The thing is too that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the guns he was using were mostly illegal or hard to acquire, but any asshat who knows how to get around a background check, or can pass one, could go out and buy two Desert Eagles and shoot up a theater tomorrow while playing Juice Newton on his iPhone. So hopefully nothing at all like that happens.

Highlights: Ryan Reynolds just killed it, the entire movie. He was phenomenal as the Merc with a Mouth, owning the role even though he was limited to his voice and body, no face, most of the movie. I hope folks will allow this to be a redemption of Reynolds in the superhero genre, although I never thought he was the problem with Green Lantern or The Origin Story Whose Name We Do Not Speak. Also, great soundtrack. I could try to pick out other highlights without spoilers, but really the whole movie is just really fucking funny. And if the gay sex jokes seemed tasteless to me, at least the heterosexual humor & antics between Wade and Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin) seemed very sex-positive to me.

Dad edits: So my kid is young and won’t be seeing this movie any time soon (which is a bummer, because thanks to the LEGO minifigure and my own enthusiasm, he loves Deadpool). I have had folks with 10, 12, and 15 year olds ask if I thought the movie would be okay, or if it was too violent. I would say it is too violent, but it is not more violent than Game of Thrones, for instance, so maybe use that as a comparison. Also, some folks will be bothered by the sexual content and/or the cussing. I don’t mind either of those things, and as I said some of the sexual content was boundary-pushing in a way that I think is healthy, but I understand most folks would find it very inappropriate for a child (or possibly even themselves). In other words, if you are not sure about letting your kid see this movie, or even taking them, then I would say (a) err on the side of not letting them or (b) take them with you to see the movie and then discuss it with them (instead of leaving the contextualization up to their adolescent peers, because this one is out of their league).

The red-band (R-rated) trailer below is a good guide (though without the sex) for anyone not sure about seeing the film.

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  1. […] Highlights: Conklin disappeared into the air, so that was nice for me. Really, it is a long list of highlights for this episode. I suppose, beyond how much I enjoyed watching the Oliver’s past turn into a five character dramatic pile up, for sure the next best thing was Vixen. I imagine her powers are challenging to pull of in a live action show and they did a great job. She was also badass and funny – including being funny about being badass! I am still hoping she gets added to the Legends cast ASAP. Oh, and the episode title being “Taken” was funny to me, especially after seeing Deadpool. […]


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