Agents of SHIELD, Episode 10 “Maveth”

Progressive/nerd/parent Review (spoilers!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.30.52 AM
Finally! Everybody give Agent Coulson a hand. (No, really.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 3, Episode 10 “Maveth”

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 2.5/3

Shukla Score: 1/3

Russo Score: 0/3

Kittens: 😺😺😺😺/5

There was no LGBTQ representation in this episode. There were multiple people of color, but they did not have any scenes together (other than large ensemble scenes). Several of the excellent women on the show had stuff to do this episode, but men were present when they spoke to each other about not-men and the only time two of them spoke alone was about a man (half-Kree, but still). I gave the episode four kittens because it would have been taken a lot of fuzzy cuteness to pull me away from the show. It is important to note that my focus, while based somewhat on the good qualities of the episode, mostly came from my intense desire to see if and when Ward finally gets killed.

Highlights: Coulson shoots Ward. Coulson takes Ward on a death march. Coulson shoots Ward again. Coulson kills Ward with his bare – can you say that about a robotic appendage? – hand. It was also nice to see Fitz continue to develop as an adventuring member of the team. Coulson crushed Ward’s body, killing him – that was a high point. Seeing the Inhumans in action with the SHIELD crew while they stormed a castle was a delight. It was an all around good episode. I read a couple reviews that complained of the lack of action, but enjoyed that as being a balance with plot and character development. Also, Ward died.

Low points: Simmons frees Andrew/Lash in order to save herself, but of course beyond just killing the Hydra thugs Lash also slaughters all the helpless Inhumans that are still in stasis. I understand that this is needed to get Andrew/Lash back in play for the rest of the season while also eliminating an unwieldy plot point (too many Inhumans), but ugh. Simmons has acquitted herself from danger quite well many times this season and it would have been nice to see her do that again, instead of letting a killing machine loose to rescue her. Double fail.

Dad edit: I do not watch this show with my kid. Too many guns, too much death, too many gun related deaths. Besides he can see plenty of that on the news.

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