Review: The Flash, Episode 9 “Running to Stand Still”

Progressive/nerd/parent review

Anybody know how Weather Hipster ended up with the best theme music on the whole show?

The Flash Season 2, Episode 9 “Running to Stand Still”

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 1/3

Shukla Score: 3/3

Russo Score: 0/3

Kittens: ­čś║­čś║­čś║­čś║/5

There was no LGBTQ representation in this episode. There were 3 people of color of the show, 2 or 3 of whom were discussing family matters at different times. The season┬ácontinues to struggle with having the many strong women on the show interact with each other at all, much less without and not about men. I gave the episode four out of five kittens, because it was good TV and I love the Patty/Barry┬árelationship, even if they’re doing the awful “she can’t figure out the guy in front of her is her boyfriend” thing.

Highlights: They gave Iris stuff to do, yay!! I like that they are developing Iris’ relationship with Barry via friendship this season, rather than unrequited affections and lies. Tom Cavanaugh is flawless as Earth 2’s Harry Wells. Weather Wizard was back which means he brought great music into the episode. And the answer to the question “Where is Luke?” turns out to be “Central City.” On a serious note, I thought Joe’s decision to give Barry his family heirloom watch – even as he struggled with the revelation that he has a biological son he has never met – was really, well, real. It was so human of him to deeply and intensely appreciate his father/son relationship with┬áBarry┬áin a moment when his identity as a father is being shaken to the core. On a less serious note, while Cisco had most of the best lines as usual, the best lines of the night belonged to Iris and Wells. Iris, in response to Captain Cold pleading that his childhood caused his villainy:

“Everyone in this room had a rough childhood. Get over it.”

And Wells, from a parallel Earth, having made a Godfather reference was asked by Cisco if his Earth has The Godfather:

“Every Earth has┬áThe Godfather, Vito.”

Low points: WTF are they doing with Jay Garrick and/or Caitlin Snow? I don’t mean the oddly unprogressed romance between the two specifically, I mean why don’t these characters have anything to do? Somebody please give Jay his speed back and get Caitlin and non-man-based subplot to drive. Also once again I would like to complain that Patty, who is a smart and savvy detective, can’t recognize her boyfriend in red leather. Her boyfriend who disappeared the same night, and for the whole same week, as the Flash did.

Dad edits: On the one hand, the Trickster putting bombs in presents is a bit dicey. On the other hand, this gave me an idea for how to get my kid to leave the presents alone until Christmas… …yeah anyway, no edits. This episode was fine.


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