Review: Agents of SHIELD, Episode 9 “Closure”


Maybe don’t eat in front of big windows right after betraying HYDRA? Just sayin.

Agents of SHIELD, Season 3, Episode 9 – Closure

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 1/3

Shukla Score: 3/3

Kittens: 🐱🐱/5

Not a great week for women on Agents of SHIELD – I don’t recall any two of them speaking to each other, or even being in a scene together, during the episode. The show did feature a scene of a conversation between two people of color that was not about race – and no I am not cheating by counting partially-Kree Inhumans, because that does not count. I gave the show 2 out of 5 kittens, but it is complicated: for the first few and last few minutes of the show it would take five kittens to distract me, but everything in between would have only taken one kitten. I might have even Googled for kitten pictures at one point during the episode.

Highlights: The opening scene featured maybe the most engaging relationship the show has ever had between two characters (sorry, FitzSimmons, but your thing is a bit overwrought). The final scene of the portal and especially Coulson’s big dive was also pretty cool.

Low points: The opening scene ended, sadly and violently, maybe the most engaging relationship the show has ever had between two characters. What is worse is that it was ended by the most boring character (Ward) as part of the most boring relationship on the show (Ward vs Coulson/SHIELD). The rest of the episode was just set up for the mid-season finale and so it was like one long, drawn out low point. Did I mention Ward is boring? He better die on that alien planet.

Dad edits: I do not watch this show with my son, it is an adult show. The opening date night scene ending with someone getting shot in the neck is a great example of why.

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