Review: The Flash, Episode 8 “Legends of Today”

Restarting the TV and movie review feature on this blog by making it something sustainable: just the things I put in my reviews that (mostly) don’t show up in other reviews. 

Hey Barry, if the superhero thing doesn’t work out, you could do super fast street sketches for tourists. Just sayin’

The Flash, Season 2, Episode 8 – Legends of Today

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 1/3

Shukla Score: 3/3

Kittens: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱+/5

This week, the show aced the Shukla test again thanks to Cisco and Kendra, but did not do well on the Bechdel-Wallace test due to lack of any significant interactions among the (many, strong) women on the show. It would take five or more kittens to get me to stop watching this episode, for three reasons: they made Vandall Savage awesome; this is the closest thing to live action Justice League ever; they teased Oliver Jr. in the opener and I was glued to the TV until the very last second to see how that would come up.

Highlights: Did I mention that they made Vandall Savage awesome?!? The entire episode is a highlight. I even, bizarrely, enjoyed all the fan service (and shipper service) contained in the little moments of social, plot-irrelevant dialogue among the characters. Yeah, the entire episode is a highlight.

Low points: Savage kills a cop with the cop’s own gun, which was totally unnecessary since he is immortal and has super fancy throwing knives. I was also disappointed that the show did not continue for a second hour completely focused on Oliver’s reaction to seeing his son for the first time, but that isn’t a low point it is just something we’ve all been waiting for since Arrow season 2 so why not wait one more damn night, I guess.

Dad edits: I could do without the cop killing at the beginning of the episode. The action was definitely a bit more mature than usual for The Flash, but that happens with the Arrow crossovers and is fine. My kid loves the crossovers too much not to show it to him (it is the only time he gets to see Arrow). I have to say I am deeply uncomfortable with the show portraying one character’s journey to super powers being a leap off of a building. While I understand that character development and symbolism and all that, my kid is just going to see someone jump off a building and get wings. We will skip the opening sequence with Savage, and skip or pause-to-discuss the emergence of Hawkgirl scene.

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