Review: Supergirl, Episode 6 “Red Faced”

Restarting the TV and movie review feature on this blog by making it something sustainable: just the things I put in my reviews that (mostly) don’t show up in other reviews. 

Fun fact: Primal scream therapy was invented on Krypton

Supergirl, Season 1, Episode 6 – Red Faced

Bechdel-Wallace Score: 3+/3

Shukla Score: 1/3

Kittens: 🐱🐱🐱/5

Once again, the show aced the Bechdel-Wallace test while barely registering on the Shukla test. It would take three kittens to pull my attention away from the show.

Highlights: The theme of feeling your feelings, and harnessing the power that comes from them, is a welcome one. The fight scenes with Red Tornado were really great. The show continues to portray men in the same cartoonish, stereotyped way that so many other shows have portrayed women (I’m really enjoying this, for some reason).

Low points: A recurring theme of the episode was shaming, asshole parents who don’t approve of their children or have a kind word for anybody – whatever the point of this was supposed to be, I tuned it out. Also, as always, gun violence on the show is a downer and it just isn’t necessary when super people are involved (I will at least give a nod to the moment of gun violence being treated to at least a few seconds of horror and remorse on the character’s face).

Dad edits: We won’t skip the jerk parent scenes, but I’ll be discussing with my kid how awful they are. It is a toss up about if we skip the gun violence moment, or if I let him see it to illustrate that guns are both deadly and unhelpful.

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