Last Week This Morning

A glorious staycation has ended. What did we miss?


Paul Ryan is to honesty what the backwards cap is to functionality.
Congressman Paul Ryan began running for speaker by making some demands of the Freedom Caucus. It was a pretty good list of conditions for becoming speaker, including trading in fund raising expectations for family time, and a handful of procedural changes (or lack thereof) to get the GOP House closer to being a functioning legislature. The Freedom Caucus then met and agreed to not one of Ryan’s demands and met not one of his conditions. Ryan, as he does, turned out to be all form and no function by taking the job anyway. Elections for Speaker of the House are scheduled for this week.

Netflix announced that they are finalizing a deal to make a new season, or a miniseries, of Gilmore Girls.

NASA announced that a large asteroid is going to near-miss Earth on Halloween. The asteroid has since, regrettably, been named “Spooky.” Plenty of ink has been rendered to make trick or treating jokes about the passing asteroid, but I have yet to find out if NASA has a razor blade and candy bar big enough to deal with an asteroid that actually comes knocking. 

Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee both dropped out of the Democratic primary. Vice President Biden announced that he will not run for President. Hillary Clinton had a really good day in front of the really awful Benghazi scandal factory. Donald Trump is no longer leading GOP primary polls in Iowa… …because Ben Carson. I am not even linking those stories as I am already pretty tired of this campaign season, which should not have even started yet. It is like being tired of Christmas decorations only a week after Halloween. 

Finishing up on two big positive stories! First, fun and not of consequence: The Big Lebowski 2 has been announced with Bill Murray joining the cast as The Dude’s long lost brother! Just let that sink in for a while.

Second, refreshing and consequential good news: the Liberals in Canada won an election this week, lead by Justin Trudeau and promising “infrastructure deficits” – yes they promised deficits and people understood why it is important and a good thing! Very cool. If reading about other countries is not your thing, then read this article about what Trudeau and the Liberals’ victory up north means for the 2016 US election!

A lot of things also happened in nerd world, but those items will get their own posts. Enjoy your day.

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