I love a Chait Takedown, “America is not a planet” Edition


As it becomes more and more bonkers to claim #climatechange isn’t real and/or is not caused by human activity, the new talking point for deniers is to say “hey America can’t do it all so why do anything.”

Over at New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait has a handy recap and takedown of this new line of unreasoning:

So to say that lower American emissions will not solve the problem “by themselves” is to introduce a caveat that makes the point meaningless. If you suffer a heart attack, calling 911 will not by itself prevent you from dying, because the ambulance might not make it to the hospital before you die.

I am always amazed at the ability of the reactionary, right-wing mind to handle cognitive dissonance. To wit: The solution to all foreign problems is our invincible military, but our legislatures are impotent and immoral agents in the face of any challenge. The private sector is the robust, resilient solution to all economic issues, but it cannot suffer any government intererence without terrible negative effects. And on and on. Surely this dissonance is among the seven wonders of the poli-sci world.

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